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Printed projects / Graphic design

Screen printed project

Screen printed project / Graphic design



This compilation showcases a range of screen printed designs created for various clients, some of which were designed by Gustavo Caal. Each piece was carefully crafted with attention to detail and a focus on bringing the client's vision to life. The prints feature a variety of colors, textures, and patterns, showcasing the versatility and beauty of screen printing as an art form. From bold and vibrant designs to more subtle and intricate patterns, this collection highlights the creative possibilities of screen printing and the unique way it can be used to bring ideas to fruition. Gustavo Caal's designs stand out for their unique flair and bold use of color, adding an extra layer of creativity to this already impressive collection. Overall, this compilation celebrates the artistry and skill of screen printing and the many ways it can be used to create beautiful and inspiring designs, including those designed by Gustavo Caal.

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