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Tshirt lines

CAAL / Rooted Threads



This showcase offers a glimpse into two t-shirt lines designed and printed by Gustavo Caal: Color An Absurd Life (CAAL) and Rooted Threads. Each line showcases Gustavo's unique design style and his ability to bring his creative vision to life through t-shirt design. CAAL features bold, colorful designs that explore the absurdity of life, while Rooted Threads takes a more naturalistic approach with designs that celebrate the b
eauty and interconnectedness of the natural world. Both lines share a commitment to high-quality materials and ethical production methods, with each shirt printed on soft, comfortable fabric using environmentally friendly inks. This showcase offers a look into Gustavo's dedication to creating beautiful, meaningful designs that not only look good but also make a positive impact on the world. Overall, this showcase celebrates Gustavo Caal's artistic talent and his ability to use t-shirt design as a medium for creative expression and positive change.

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